Casa Havilah

Casa Havilah began in 2005 through Colegio Esperanza, Open Heart’s School in La Chureca (the Managua city dump).  Parents approached us about their daughters being in abusive situations asking us to help.  So we opened Casa Havilah, a rescue home for these girls.  Each girl lives at Havilah and all of her needs are met in a safe home environment, they have all become part of our extended family.  The Land of Havilah is mentioned in Genesis 2:11, as being a land filled with precious and beautiful stones.  We view each of these girls lives as beautiful and precious.

Havilah costs $3,000 a month to run.

This cost meets 100% of each girls nutritional, educational, medical and emotional needs.  We have a team led by the house mom, “momma Jenny” as well as a tutor, a helper in the kitchen and others at their private Christian school.

You can search “Casa Havilah” here on our blog for past stories…or better yet visit to keep up to date with all current news…and to donate to Havilah!  Thank you!

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One Comment on “Casa Havilah

  1. God is good and his amazing care will touch us and we too like to give help and time tolove our neighbors in many obstacle and asking of the Lord to bless our duty in deeds of heaven to touch people to be saved in Jesus name,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

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