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Casa Robles & Havilah: Luz, Kener & Luisa

Please pray for these three.  Their mother Faviola is considering taking them out of Havilah & Robles.  This has been ongoing and after every vacation this seems to happen.  She is unemployed and very unstable.  Her mother and sisters are trying to convince her… Continue Reading “Casa Robles & Havilah: Luz, Kener & Luisa”

A Leper’s Hymn

Father Damien was a preist in the late 1800s who served the exiled leper community in Hawaii.  He went and lived with them.  He served them as the Lord called him.  This is a Hymn called “Leper’s Song” sung during mass by the colony’s… Continue Reading “A Leper’s Hymn”

Horses at Ruby Ranch….

Ruby Ranch “The Double R” is a new project for Open Hearts.  It is a large peice of land that we hope to develop into a place where we raise crops, game and produce to provide for the needs of different ministries.  We also… Continue Reading “Horses at Ruby Ranch….”

Ringin’ In 2011

We got to go dance the night away for the New Year.  The mall here in Managua has a live band and all the restaurants put out tables….lots of fun….it is a sweet sight to see older Nicaraguan couples salsa dancing together.  We gave… Continue Reading “Ringin’ In 2011”

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Where ever you are around the world, we hope that the Lord Jesus Christ blesses you abundantly as you celebrate his birth and start a new year!  Hope you get to have some joy filled celebrations!!! Los Farringtons

Protected: Open Hearts Farrington Family: Annual Financial Information

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