Went surfin’ today….

didn’t expect this to happen….Ouch!!

It was a huge 7ft swell with waves well overhead.  It was just intense to be out there.  My first try led to a free fall over the falls, it hurt but it was such a rush i was all excited.  Next attempt led to this, i wiped out into my board and my fins attacked my foot 🙂  I stayed out cuz I couldn’t tell it was bleeding in the water, never really got a big one.  I caught a smaller wave inside and just got tossed around the rest of the time.  Realized it was bleeding when I walked up to the Rancho…..oops!  Glad there were no creatures out there!!!  Crazy Nicaragua Surfin’ Days!!!

Tweedle-D and Tweedle-D

The twin girls Mileyding & Genesis who the previous Palmer team had built a house for showed up to the work site…….for what you might ask?  Pringles….duh?!?!  🙂  That is not all they came for, but I am pretty sure this could be an ad for Pringles if the cans said it real big or something.  Those two little girls are extremely cute!!!

Hope in La Chureca…

University Baptist Church’s youth group came down last week.  This was really fun for me because UBC is the church I grew up in and they have supported Krista and I from the beginning….it is awesome to get to spend time with family!

We worked all week in La Chureca at Colegio Esperanza.  The school is doing awesome.  We have such an outstanding, committed staff.  Being there with people who had not ever been before and seeing their reactions reminded me how sharp the contrast is from what is outside the walls of the school and what is inside.  Praise Jesus that He is keeping this school right there in the middle of La Chureca (the dump)!

Speaking of reaction to La Chureca…

Not sure if you have the 45 minutes, but my aunt sent me a link to the guy from the Travel Channel who visited Nicaragua.  It is a really well done episode, especially if you have been here.  He does visit La Chureca and it hits him really hard.  It is interesting to see how darkness effects someone when their first reaction isn’t to lean on the hope we have in Jesus, the hope that God uses Colegio Esperanza to bring to this dark place.  We didn’t know he was filming, or we would have tried to get with him and at least take him into the school….anyways our hope is Jesus!  That is what keeps us pushing on!  Again praise Jesus for Colegio Esperanza!!!  Amen!

http://www.bacanalnica.com/blog/5141-Anthony-Bourdain-Sin-Reservas-en-Nicaragua (click on the second picture that says “clic video”…it will run without commercials)

Sidenote:  The school runs entirely on donations and it is around $9,270 a month to keep it fully functioning.  We have about 60% of that amount raised/committed for the year, so if you would like to help please do!  And if you know anyone who may be able to help please point them our way!  Thank you mucho mucho!!!  (we have a link to paypal in the right column).

March Madness…

Palmer Trinity School from Miami sent another group of students down and build a house for the second time in as many months.  Who cares about Basketball down here right?!!?  We’ve got our own version of March Madness….building a house in one week is INSANE!!!  It is Madness :)…….though I am paying attention to the other version of the madness too Go Noles!!!

Happy 81st Birthday Gigi!!!

Krista’s grandmother Shirley, who lives down here with us celebrated her 81st  this week.  Happy Birthday Gigi!

Timo’s birthday was last week.  We had minature Spidermans running around….the cake even had a web on it.  Happy Birthday Tim Tom!!!! 

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