Does Mason remind anyone of…

….a famous Mel Brooks film from the late 80’s?!?!?  Just wondering 🙂

Happy Birthday Denis!

Lil’ Denis has been with us at Casa Robles since he was three.  Yesterday we celebrated his 6th birthday.  The change in his little life is absolutely amazing.  Krista & I were out in La Chureca today interviewing with a couple of families whose little boys may come into Casa Robles if space opens up, then we stopped by Robles on our way home.  To be where he came from and then see Denis moments later, thriving was so encouraging!  Moments like these make the challenges and burdens 1000 times lighter!  God is doing something great!

For the party Mama Angelica got him a Sponge Bob cake and Papa Yuri strung up a huge Rainbow Bear Pinata.  That kid can swing a stick like a champ…..thankfully no one got whacked on the head….this time 🙂






















Question of the week:  Is it OK to write “May God Bless You Denis” on a Sponge Bob Square Pants cake?  A challenging question I know….but my vote is yes because we know that God loves Denis.  But as to whether or not Jesus loves Sponge Bob…an entirely different matter indeed 🙂

Christmas at the end of January!

Becky, Patsy & Terri had planned to come down in December to celebrate Christmas with Casa Havilah & Casa Robles with gifts they had collected from their church in Houston.  But their flight was canceled….buuuuutttt…they were able to rebook for this week and we got to have Christmas again in January!  Yip Yip….whooooohoooo!!!
























After the gifts and playing for an hour or so they also brought some huge paper and did an outline of each of the boys for them to color themselves in….this was a great idea!

Picnic Time!

Aliyah & Mason set up outside for lunch the other day.  Aliyah said her umbrella wouldn’t stay and asked if we could put a hole in the middle of their table to hold it up!


It probably didn’t make international news, but we had an earthquake hit yesterday.  It was a 5.1 off the coast of Nicaragua.  It has been about four years since we’ve felt any tremors.  At first it was one rumble, but then a second came and it lasted just long enough for us to jump up grab Bella from her nap and run outside.  It stopped soon after that and thankfully nothing fell down or broke in the house.  It was quite a surprise though.  We are definitely hoping for another good few years or so between this one and the next!

A fruit offering?

We were driving through Catarina, a town outside of Managua the other day and came across this huge construction across the road.  There was tons of fresh fruit hanging from it and it was nicely decorated.  Apparently the local patron saint was going to be making the rounds for a festival day.  Nicaragua has a heavy Catholic tradition and it seems every town has a specific patron, but this is the first time I have seen something like this.  It was really impressive, but no, we didn’t try to snag a papaya or anything crazy!!!

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