Casa Robles

Casa Robles is a rescue home for boys who are abused and neglected from the La Chureca neighbourhood (Managua City Dump).  All of their physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met and we have house parents who care for them daily.  Our goal is to love them as Jesus loves them and hope that they will one day grow up to be called “robles de justicia, the planting of the Lord to glorify His name” -Isaiah 61:1-3

Casa Robles cost $2,850 a month to operate.  ($37,050 annually)

This meets 100% of each child’s educational needs in a private school, all of their nutritional needs (Mama Angelica is a great cook!), and all of their emotional needs as we all invest in each child and love them like our extended family.

More content to follow…if you SEARCH “casa robles” in the right hand column you will find blog posts about all the happenings…






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