Month: November 2017

Club Esperanza: A Thanksgiving Thank You!!!

Wow what a response on the desks for the new school!  We want to tell you thank you times a million for the Thanksgiving blessing of the new desks for the re-opening of our school!  Your response was incredible, we ordered the desks and… Continue Reading “Club Esperanza: A Thanksgiving Thank You!!!”

Urgent Need: desks for the new school…

Can you help us buy desks as we re-open the school?  To be authorized by the Ministry of Education here in Nicaragua we need to have 54 desks (1st and 2nd grade size) for school next year.  Our deadline for authorization is the end… Continue Reading “Urgent Need: desks for the new school…”

Re-Opening the School from La Chureca!

It has been almost five years now since we had to close Colegio Esperanza in La Chureca. We trusted God in that time and didn’t grasp at straws, because we knew that our service to the children and families from La Chureca was for… Continue Reading “Re-Opening the School from La Chureca!”

Ruby Ranch: A Motorcycle for “El Chele”

Henry is the foreman at Ruby Ranch.  He is a great guy and certainly cut right out of a John Wayne movie.  He weilds a machete, can hammer nails with his hand, builds gates out of trees…and he is a horse whisperer!  If you… Continue Reading “Ruby Ranch: A Motorcycle for “El Chele””

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