Month: August 2013

Walakitang….a construction update on the Rio Coco

Last week we got a call from Pastor Victor.  He had been in Puerta Cabezas at the Eastern end of the river for a seminar with Verbo Church.  There was pastoral training as well as a marriage seminar for the different churches along the… Continue Reading “Walakitang….a construction update on the Rio Coco”


Have you ever seen the movie Waterworld?  Remember the scene where they discover Kevin Costner has gills behind his ears….they all start screaming Muuuutaaaaation!!! Well when I got home one day….I was reminded of that movie 🙂  Ok maybe a little exaggerated ha!  But… Continue Reading “Mutation!!!!”

When Jesus speaks…His parables.

I have recently enjoyed spending time in the Gospels.  Reading through anew the life of Jesus.  Just reading through and hearing from the Word what my Savior had to say.  This week I was reading in Matthew 21 & 22 where Jesus was gathered… Continue Reading “When Jesus speaks…His parables.”

Strong Men visit Club Esperanza…fund raising update

A few weeks ago we had a visit from our friends in Houston at First United Methodist Church.  The youth group was down and their leader is actually a member of Team Impact.  You may remember from your childhood…these are the guys who rip… Continue Reading “Strong Men visit Club Esperanza…fund raising update”

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