Month: October 2016

Big Need at Casa Robles: Our Van has broken down again…

We mentioned a couple newsletters ago that we were needing to buy a new van for Casa Robles because it is constantly in the shop and it is over 15 years old.  Well, unfortunately late last week it broke down again.  I am not sure… Continue Reading “Big Need at Casa Robles: Our Van has broken down again…”

Ruby Ranch: Cabin under construction…

Here is a pretty exciting update from Ruby Ranch….we have a fundraising goal to finish the cabin, but Construction is Under Way!!!!  (check out Ruby Ranch Facebook Page for continued updates and other fun news)… We at Ruby Ranch are so excited to share… Continue Reading “Ruby Ranch: Cabin under construction…”

Farrington Newsletter – October 2016

Good Morning, we hope this post finds you getting ready for a great weekend!  Below is the digital version of our most recent newsletter.  Please take a look today, thank you for your prayers and support for our family here in Nicaragua! Los Farringtons Newsletter… Continue Reading “Farrington Newsletter – October 2016”

Club Esperanza: Meeting Special Needs…

    Henriet is one of our teachers at Club Esperanza.  She teaches kindergarten and also tutors a group of 25 third graders in the afternoon.  She has known some of the children at Club Esperanza their entire lives because she taught at Colegio… Continue Reading “Club Esperanza: Meeting Special Needs…”

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