Month: June 2014

Mother’s & Father’s Day fun…

These activities are big time down here in Nicaragua, especially Mother’s Day. As a father, I love my children.  I wan’t to be everything they need!  I know I am flesh and will never be able to meet all their needs.  So, I pray… Continue Reading “Mother’s & Father’s Day fun…”

Ruby Ranch…Bridge Preservation & Citrus Plantation

There is news to come from plans at Ruby Ranch this summer; camps, constructions, agriculture endeavors, bon fires, cliff climbing & Geronimo slides.  We’ll look forward to telling those stories throughout the summer, but wanted to share some of the recent happenings first… There is a… Continue Reading “Ruby Ranch…Bridge Preservation & Citrus Plantation”

iPhone 6 is coming out soon…

But we just want to let everyone know that that thing will forever pale in comparison to “Buzbee Rancho 2.0″ at Quinta Havilah 🙂    We are looking forward to a great summer.  Norfolk Christian School from Virginia arrived Monday night and are the first… Continue Reading “iPhone 6 is coming out soon…”

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