Month: August 2016

Some Tallahassee Lovin’…

We had a great time a few weeks ago with our friends the Clouds from Tallahassee, FL.  They came down with a couple of friends to get their butts whooped in the Nicaraguan heat!  Ok just kidding, it is hot here but I have… Continue Reading “Some Tallahassee Lovin’…”

Uncertain times politically…Nicaragua

Another Presidential election is happening in the United States this fall.  It has become quite the interesting race, to say the least.  Elections seem to get lots of attention every four years and are always entertaining.  It is pretty incredible, the way this has happened every four years… Continue Reading “Uncertain times politically…Nicaragua”

Summer Newsletter: Baptism, Robles Van, Ministry fun, family fun…

Happy Summer Days…we hope this blog post finds you well and not too sun burned!  We would like to share our most recent newsletter with you.  Please take some time to read it…some easy summer reading 🙂  Thank you for your prayers and support! Farrington… Continue Reading “Summer Newsletter: Baptism, Robles Van, Ministry fun, family fun…”

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