Month: December 2014

Merry Christmas Robles & Havilah Update…A Christmas Vacation Prayer Request.

We had such a fun Christmas party about a week ago with the kids from Casa Robles and Casa Havilah.  These two rescue homes are really an extension of our families and so when we get together it is sooooo much fun!  Everyone came… Continue Reading “Merry Christmas Robles & Havilah Update…A Christmas Vacation Prayer Request.”

Our Christmas Card…digitalized

We would like to send out our Christmas Card from this year in a digitalized version.  I know digitalized is not a word, but this attempt at digitized is pretty pathetic.  Can you tell I took a picture of it on the table? 🙂  But… Continue Reading “Our Christmas Card…digitalized”

Christmas fun for everyone!

We ended the year at Club Cristiano La Esperanza with a huge Christmas party for all of our students and their families…well over 300 people were there and we had presents for every single child!  We served lunch to everyone and even had a… Continue Reading “Christmas fun for everyone!”

Graduation Celebrations…December is an exciting month!

    December is definitely the most festive month in Nicaragua, it is like a giant collision of all sorts of fun!  First of all it is the Christmas season and the fireworks have already been going on for a week.  Everybody who has a… Continue Reading “Graduation Celebrations…December is an exciting month!”

Christmas Presents in Nicaragua….

Would you like to help to buy Christmas presents for the children at Club Esperanza, Casa Robles and Casa Havilah?   Something we love to try and do every year is to buy Christmas present for every single child under our ministry during our end of… Continue Reading “Christmas Presents in Nicaragua….”

Farrington Newsletter…Fall 2014

Hope you have a moment this week to read our most recent Newsletter… Thanksgiving Newsletter God is doing great things in Nicaragua and we are blessed to be a part of them!  We are thankful for our life serving the Lord, and for all… Continue Reading “Farrington Newsletter…Fall 2014”

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