Month: September 2011

Yousef Nadarkhani…pray

I have had a sticky note on my computer for several weeks now with his name on it.  I hadn’t heard of his story before.  He is in prison in Iran because he is a Christian, he leads a house church movement.  The issue… Continue Reading “Yousef Nadarkhani…pray”

Happy Independence Day Nicaragua!!!

   Today and tomorrow Nicaragua celebrates Independence.  As it would be only in Nicaragua, we get two days off for the Holiday.  I am pretty sure that this government wants all its employees to have at least half of the year off….all the same… Continue Reading “Happy Independence Day Nicaragua!!!”

We will never forget…

To sit and hear the names being read by family members today, it is hard to hold back tears.  What a horrible day, what a great sacrifice made by so many that day and in these last ten years that have followed.  Our country… Continue Reading “We will never forget…”

Happy Labor Day USA!

To all of those mom’s and dad’s, grandma’s and grandpa’s, brothers and sisters who go to work everyday to put food on the table and take care of all the ones you love….HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!  HOPE IT IS FULL OF RELAX!!!

Ruby’s brother Alvin passed away…

The most dificult thing about our return from Walakitang was getting a phone call that night from Margarita telling us that Alvin, her and Ruby’s brother, had passed away suddenly.  Alvin was a very very strong man of God!  As Ruby was sick towards… Continue Reading “Ruby’s brother Alvin passed away…”

Birthday Party….Birthday Party!!!

   We’ve had a couple of birthday parties at Casa Robles.  Little Angel’s birthday was actually a couple of months ago but because of all the craziness of the summer we kept having to delay the party….but we finally got to celebrate two weeks… Continue Reading “Birthday Party….Birthday Party!!!”

Pretty funny!….Chris on the O’reilly Factor….

…ok not really on the O’reilly factor, but an email….same difference right?!?! 🙂 We were up the Rio Coco and I used the sat phone mid week to call home and check in and let everyone know we were doing well.  We had a… Continue Reading “Pretty funny!….Chris on the O’reilly Factor….”

Back in the big city…..Great trip to Walakitang!

   Hello all!  Thank you so much for your prayers for our trip up the river!  We had a great trip, intense at times of course, but a great trip!  The environment was the most difficult to handle, battling the elements and illness at… Continue Reading “Back in the big city…..Great trip to Walakitang!”

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