Month: February 2011

Casa Robles News: Luisa & Kener

Great news!  As the school year was getting ready to begin Luisa & Kener have come back to Casa Robles.  Their mother made the decision to have them come back and remain in the home because of her circumstances that were a bit beyond… Continue Reading “Casa Robles News: Luisa & Kener”

Can somebody help me outta here?!?!?!?

Honor thy Father & Mother…

I’ve recently read through some really impactful books centered around the events of the Holocaust and WWII in Europe.  Night by Elie Wiesel, Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom and Man’s Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl.  All are first hand accounts of experiences… Continue Reading “Honor thy Father & Mother…”

House Building Update…

The team from Palmer Trinity School in Miami has come and gone and left a huge blessing for Victor, Aracely and their twin girls.  What would have taken them years to accomplish on their own was done in less than a month.  It was… Continue Reading “House Building Update…”

Daisy Passed Away…

Daisy’s battle with cancer came to an end yesterday afternoon.  After two days in the ICU her major organs became unstable because of the liquid in her lungs and around her heart.  Her family came over from the coast to visit her and to… Continue Reading “Daisy Passed Away…”

Miss Ruby’s niece Daisy…

For those of you who knew Miss Ruby, you also knew her sister Margarita and her niece Daisy (Margarita’s daughter) who lived with Miss Ruby.   Well Daisy has been really sick with lung infections this past month or so and there was concern it… Continue Reading “Miss Ruby’s niece Daisy…”

The Conversion of the King of Babylon

Daniel was called before Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, to interpret a dream that no diviner, Chaldean, medium or astrologer could decipher.  Death was threatened to them all if no one would interpret the dream.  God gave Daniel the interpretation and great acclaim followed,… Continue Reading “The Conversion of the King of Babylon”

Life Changed….

To be a part of something so apparent is overwhelming.  Marcos moved into Casa Robles almost three years ago.  God has done great things in his life, and is still working.  He is not a completed work by any means….but it is going to… Continue Reading “Life Changed….”

A great taste of America…

…the TV show WipeOut!  Goodness gracious Krista and I are about crying watching so many people get whopped on the head and flung into the water by padded battering rams.  If there was one thing America should pass around the world, I am pretty… Continue Reading “A great taste of America…”

Casa Robles….Ruby Ranch

We had a great trip out to the Double R with the boys from Casa Robles.  We hiked over to see our new dairy cows, hitched  a ride back on ox carts, picked almost every single jocote (nica plum) on the land, grilled some… Continue Reading “Casa Robles….Ruby Ranch”

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