Month: January 2013

Please pray for us today…ministry in la chureca UPDATED: demo photos

Honestly I wanna start a riot, I wanna raise up the pueblo and start a protest…they would join us!!!  But our Lord is sovereign and in control.  He will fight our battles.  Today after trusting in the Government here with good faith that they… Continue Reading “Please pray for us today…ministry in la chureca UPDATED: demo photos”

Miami Visit….super delayed blog :)

    Since being back in Nicaragua it has been full throttle with year end activities, beginning of year activities and Elizabeth & Chris’s wedding.  I realized we never got to reflect on the awesome time we had in Miami visiting my family, and the… Continue Reading “Miami Visit….super delayed blog :)”

Prayer Request….Club Esperanza

Will you please pray with us as this year starts with the ministry in La Chureca? The year is starting and the families are being moved.  We didn’t expect this to happen as quickly as it has.  We actually expected to be able to… Continue Reading “Prayer Request….Club Esperanza”

Should we call her Ol’ Betsy?!?

We are heading out to Ruby Ranch today with Brinson and some of the remaining guests from Krista’s sister Elizabeth’s wedding.  The wedding was awesome, Chris & Elizabeth drove off with huge smiles and excitement for their life together!  We will share some pictures… Continue Reading “Should we call her Ol’ Betsy?!?”

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