Casa Robles: ¡Fiesta!

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Elery turned 9 years old on Tuesday.  Normally we try to have a little cake and party for the boys, but since it was mid week so we were gonna hold off.  Well the other Mom’s at his school told Angelica they wanted to make a part happen….TODAY!  They love Elery and Samuel at school and these mom’s are good friends with Angelica and know what she is going through in her battle with breast cancer.  So they made a party happen for Elery that day….no need to wait!

  Grab a cake, grab a piñata and grab a stick….¡FIESTA!

Have you ever taken a swing at a Piñata?  It is one the most violent birthday celebrations anyone could ever invent LOL!  But it is always comical and lots of fun to swing a stick as hard as you can at a stuffed animal that shoots out candy when it bursts open….just keep your distance because you don’t wanna get hit by the birthday boy!!!

Elery has really adjusted well to Casa Robles.  Being a part of a family where he is safe and all of his needs are taken care of has led to incredible changes in his life.  Earlier this year, when we took him and his brother Samuel in they were in really bad shape…in fact in the first round anti parasite medicine they took, you can’t imagine what came out of them…not safe for blogging!  It was sad and shocking at the same time.  God is good and God loves Elery….you can see in these two pictures what a difference Casa Robles has made in his life….you can also see the stash of candy he got from the piñata 🙂

Happy 9th Birthday big boy!!! 

Please keep praying for him as he grows and for all the boys at Casa Robles


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End of Summer finale…Christ Journey Church!


This post is a few weeks over do…..but what a finale to our summer we had with our church family from Miami!  As everyone’s school year is starting up I thought it would be a fun blog post to share pictures and stories from the ending of our summer days down here…we love our church and love all of our friends we get to see in person when teams come down!  Christ Journey’s young adult team was our summer finale…it was awesome!


We spent the week ministering at Club Esperanza and in the surrounding neighborhood.  For a few of the days we broke into small teams and walked the neighborhood.  We prayed as we walked, met new people and prayed for their needs, entered into homes and prayed for the hurting and for the sick.  We actually don’t have any pictures of that time, but you can imagine after you pray for someone and share the Love of Christ with them in their suffering, asking to take a picture isn’t always the appropriate thing to do.  A hug, an amen and a God Bless you always seemed more appropriate!

It was a really powerful time though, I remember praying for a man in a wheel chair, a teenager who had tragically lost his parents, a young teenage soon to be mother and a 96 year old grandmother walking along the street who was so full of life it was contagious!  One of the more tragic moments was being with a family who had just lost their young child in an electrical accident.  God calls us to moments of mourning too, when things don’t make sense, when hurt it so strong, when anger wells up inside…just to be there, to listen and to pray for God to comfort the family was important.  It was a hard time, but God was there.  And it was good to be there too, as sad as it was.

There were also uplifting moments like spending time with a woman who had recently been living a wild life of drugs and parties even with their children present.  She gave her life to Jesus at the Church that meets at Club Esperanza and was baptized only a few weeks earlier.  Spending time with her was sweet, giving counsel, hearing fears, loving on her and her family.  God is on the move, and it is awesome!

Everyday in the afternoon we also put together some programs for the kids at Club Esperanza.  We have children from preschool aged all the way up to high school aged and there was something for everyone which was so fun.  This time we were taking pictures all the time so we have the fun photos to share!  The kids totally loved the craft where they go to print a Polaroid picture of themselves!  Teaching new songs in the classrooms and getting everyone to interact and then just hanging out on the playground afterwards was so much fun.  In a short time you just hope to make memories that last, and ask God to be at work in the life of each of the young people you get to spend time with.  I am 100% sure that our kiddos at Club Esperanza got some life long Jesus memories that week!

Spending a week at a place it is also nice to get your hands dirty, to do some manual labor and leave a little bit of improvement after you are gone.  Club Esperanza got an awesome facelift this week.  Our two main buildings were in desperate need of a some new shine and beauty, so the team made it happen!  It may have gotten messy at times, especially when all the little kids tried to “help” LOL!  But it was so much fun, and yes a little complicated as parts of the wall kept chipping off…but in the end the place looked beautiful and nobody was seriously injured in the process!

As if they hadn’t already done enough, the team joined forces with some of our teachers and planned a two day Youth Event.  The first day was a fun time of teaching and games…including a special drama skit for the teenaged audience.  It went really well and as it goes with older kids you actually get a chance to get to know them a little better and share life a bit more.  I know the young guys and young ladies really appreciated that.  The next day we took a trip to Ruby Ranch, spent the entire day together having a blast out at this incredibly awesome place God is having us build in Nicargua….AND all afternoon we partied at the new water slide!!!  Mountain Slide 3.0 is legit!!!  Check out the videos and the new addition at the bottom of the slide!  What a great day!

Thank you Christ Journey Church for all that you did at Club Esperanza!  And thank you for all that you do for our family!  We love our friendships, we love your support and we love doing God’s great things together all around the world!!!  Our family is so blessed.. the team took us on a special treat that last day to one of our kids’ favorite places in Nicaragua, “La Abuelita” restaurant on Laguna de Apoyo.  We had lunch at the lake at their super cool water front restaurant and spent the afternoon launching off their docks into the lake.  That was such a treat for us!

We love you church family!!!


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Casa Robles: Prayers for Mama Angelica!

Mama Angelica was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in the late spring. It was a really harsh diagnoses to hear, as you can imagine. She found the lump in an annual mammogram and the biopsy showed it was cancerous and fairly large. She and Papa Yuri have been going through this together, but it has been tough. It has hit all of us pretty hard as part of her extended family as well. So please be praying for her healing! We have been for the last few months and ask you to join us in praying for Mama Angelica!

The first good news she received after a number of disappointing visits was that it has not moved into lymph nodes, lungs, liver, stomach or any other major organs. That was a relief! But the treatment is pretty heavy even still. She began her first round of chemo in July. The intention of the chemo is to shrink the tumor and then operate. She feels confident in her doctors and the plans they have set for her. She will have a second round of chemo this Friday. So please be praying.

This week has been especially tough for her as the side effect of her hair falling out has begun. It’s a very emotional time that she and Yuri are going through together. Her confidence in God to heal her through this is higher than her confidence in the doctors. It is an inspiring faith that she has. It’s the faith of a mom who sacrificed daily for children who have become hers over years of leaning on God to be in charge of their little Casa Robles family. Incredibly, she did say her hair is the only major side affect so far and she has felt good. She said she has felt good every morning. So, we will keep praying for strength in her body!

Today she told me that the other mom’s at the boys school have been so supportive, especially as the chemo has taken affects on her hair. They told her “we will all wear hats, we will get all made up and we will go through this together!” That is what will carry her through, a community of believers who pray for her, reach out to her, love on her, cry with her and encourage her.

We come to the cross Jesus and we pray for Mama Angelica. God we ask you to heal her physically of cancer and give her body supernatural strength in this time. We ask you to give her wisdom and guide her through all the decisions she has to make. And Lord we ask you to wake her up every morning and touch her with your presence to help through this fight. Encourage her everyday Jesus and heal Mama Angelica. I ask this in your holy name. Amen.

If you would like to email a word of encouragement to Angelica and Yuri their email is and they also both use Yuri’s Facebook page if you would like to “make friends” with them on Facebook.

Thank you for joining with Angelica in her fight against this cancer!

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Casa Robles…how’s it been going?

It has been a while since we have blogged about our Boy’s rescue home Casa Robles so we thought we would give a little Monday update on how things have been going. We had visitors!!! The Clouds came to visit with Andrew and Angel from Tally. It was such a great fun time…even the ride from the airport was exciting! Because of the political crisis it had been two years since the boys had been back, so this was a really special time together for all of us! We visited family, hung out together, did sleep overs, and Mason had a blast hangin with all the boys. And for our family personally we loved having a visit from the Clouds!

We even had a Mariachi band LOL!!! We actually celebrated Mama Angelica’s birthday together which was super special! Dancing, singing, some tears….and cake! The Buzbees always go all out and this was no exception…Papa Yuri even donned the sombrero for the picture.

Denis has been competing in Track and Field as part of his High School team. It was hard to give up soccer but the track coach saw real potential in him. He recently won the gold medal in the 600 meter race at the national competition. It was pretty awesome! He was recognized by the school in their local paper…..AND he is traveling to Honduras later this month to represent Nicaragua!!! So so awesome!

Samuel who is now the youngest in the home is a total rock star at school! He runs through saying high to everyone, being wild with all the teachers, and even when he gets in trouble it is hard to not laugh at him with his big smiling cheeks and serious little voice. He and his brother Elery have adjusted well to Robles and God is healing them physically, emotionally and spiritually in a home filled with Love and family. Samuel was a worm in the school play LOL!

Fredder is back from Virginia this summer. He had a very good year of school and is back speaking English very well, which is so cool! Unfortunately it did not work out for him to return to Virginia to complete his high school. So, if you would please pray with us to see what might be next for Fredder! He has been a great help this summer and was even able to work a little as a translator with our missions teams. God is working in his life in good times and in hard times and we absolutely know that God has big plans for him!

We appreciate all of your continued prayers for the boys and for Papa Yuri and Mama Angelica too! It is a great and impactful work happening in these boys lives and our prayer always is that they will grow to be good young Godly men! Thank you for your support of Casa Robles!

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Ruby Ranch: Fundraiser to fix the Slide!


By far the best highlight of any trip out to Ruby Ranch is when the GIANT slide down the side of the hill that opens in the afternoon!  It is so much fun and such a cool thing to be able to do in a country that does not have water parks.  Well…the slide has a hole, or two or maybe three after so many years of fun!  Can you help fix the slide?

Repairing the slide is going to cost $2,800

Click here for info to donate by Check, using PayPal or through the National Christian Foundation  (leave a note: “Ruby Ranch Slide”)

Looking forward to keeping future slippin’ and slidin’ at the Double R!!!

Thank You!

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A new home for some hard working friends…


Don Horadio has been working at Ruby Ranch as part of the full time staff that maintains the Ranch year round for over seven years now…pretty much since the beginning of the ranch.  His house had gone into disrepair and was starting to fall down….because God is huge, just last month he and his wife received a brand new home!  Praise Jesus!

Krista’s uncle Allen has had the idea of traveling to Nicaragua with a team of his co-workers from the State of Florida for a number of years.  They came last month with goal of building a home for a family in need.  It turned into a perfect trip because on their trip they were the hands the built Don Horadio’s house!

God does amazing things big and small and this week was one of those big things!

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Mission 4 Nicaragua…an invasion!

62071972_1041930622671718_3460576990019452928_n Our amazing friend Hilary Snook was on the war path for Jesus this summer with her organization Mission 4 Nicaragua!  For the last month teams, guests, and friends have visited Nicaragua with her to get their hands dirty doing God’s things down here and it has been awesome!  In this picture she is with our new English teacher at Club Esperanza and Club Los Brasiles.  Hilary spear headed the effort to get a consistent weekly teacher at our education centers, because being able to speak a second language is a HUGE advantage.  Veronica started last month teaching all of our elementary level classes and because of generous donations we were able to provide text books and work books as well, Praise God!

The teams that came through were an awesome blessing in the different areas they worked.  Laying sod and painting out in Los Brasiles was a big part of the work.  But more importantly walking around in the barrio and visiting with friends they have made over the years was just as impactful!  There was a whole lot of life and love walking around Los Brasiles this past month!

A really cool project that has been led by Hilary’s daughter AnnaBelle is raising donations to buy beds for families in Los Brasiles.  She was impacted after visiting homes and realizing how common it is to be sleeping multiple kids to a bed, or sleeping on really old mattresses or in the worse situations the children having no bed at all and having to sleep on the floor.  Not any more!  Every trip another load of beds is delivered and assembled, I know Anna Belle (pictured below at Ruby Ranch) has a goal to get a new bed in every home.  It is happening one at a time, amen!

As missionaries, an equal joy to seeing all of the impact on the communities we work in, is also getting to see God move in the lives of those who visit.  We had some incredible times of prayer at Ms. Ruby’s old house down by La Chureca.  It is amazing how God moves in our hearts when we take a few hours, turn on worship music and spend time in his presence in a little old house that a powerful woman of God used to live in!  We even had a baptism in the pool back at the Buzbees!

We appreciate your continued prayers for our families and ministry down here in Nicaragua.  Its been a lively summer so far and it isn’t over yet! 🙂

Chris & Krista Farrington

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