Please Pray for Walakitang Today…

I just had a phone call with Pastor Earl who is the National Director of Verbo Church and the regional covering over Pastor Victor in Walakitang.  It sounds like there is an “outbreak” of the Crazy Sickness again in Walakitang and it has been going on for almost two weeks now.  The possessed people have been terrorizing the community and have once again ripped the wooden walls down at the church.  There was apparently a day where things were down to only three people possessed and Victor felt like it was passing by, but then the next day it had multiplied again.

“Pray against the ‘Crazy Sickness’ and that the person bringing this the evil into Walakitang to be revealed TODAY!”

     Victor has been fasting for 11 days and Earl feels like the weight of all the Spiritual darkness is burdening him heavily.  We need the evil person who is bringing this darkness to Walakitang to be revealed so the evil can be addressed head on.  Please as you pray today, pray specifically for that person to be revealed TODAY.  And pray for strength, protection and spiritual wisdom for Pastor Victor.  It has been two years since the last time this has happened…we ask the Lord to destroy it completely and wipe the evil away from the Rio Coco.  Amen.

Picture with Victor and his family last month in Managua

Club Esperanza: Semana Espiritual and a new church!


This past week was focused on the spiritual formation of all of the children the Lord has put into our hands at Club Esperanza.  The Bible verse for the week was Colossians 1:16 “For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him”.  Even at their young ages we want to encourage all of them in the things of God.  We want them to know they are created by God, they are loved by God, and that God has a special purpose for each of their lives.

Will you please join us in praying for all of them at least once a week.  We want to see all of God’s good things in their lives…so we ASK God for that!  Amen.

And it is lots of fun too….what is happening on the other side of that partition? 🙂

Another encouraging and fun thing that we hope to share more about as the year goes on is a new church plant happening at Club Esperanza.  Roberto and Sheyla have had a burden for a while to start a church at the Club.  Roberto completed Theological training over the past two years through New Jerusalem Church in Tampa.  It is a church Roberto and Sheyla have had a relationship with since the days that we were still inside of La Chureca.  They opened their Spanish language theological courses (Instituto Biblico Internacional) to Roberto and he completed his studies last year to earn his degree in advanced Theology “Titulo en Teologia Avanzada”!

At the beginning of this month La Iglesia Hashem Adonai was planted at Club Esperanza.  Their first meetings were actually pretty full as they converted the dining hall into a church.  It was a great time of worship and inaugurating the church.  Roberto was very encouraged, and just this last week over a hundred people came.  I know Roberto’s heart is to share the Gospel with the people we serve and teach them what it means to be a follower of Jesus.  He and Sheyla both have big pastoral hearts and they want to help lead the people who come into a deeper understanding of God.

Please also pray for this awesome new thing God is doing!

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Walakitang: Visit with Pastor Victor


Last year we changed some of the way we delivered resources to Walakitang to make life easier on Pastor Victor and his family with the idea of him having to make less frequent visits all the way to Managua (It is a rough three day trip in both directions).  It has worked well but on the down side I haven’t had the chance to meet personally with Victor for a while.  So when he called earlier this week I was excited to go spend some time with him.

Sadly his circumstances for being in Managua were because his younger brother had recently had an operation for a brain tumor in Managua and unexpectedly passed away in recovery in the ICU.  He had just buried his brother Falco up North in SaSa, then he was back in Managua with his wife Damaris because she is having biopsy work for signs of cancer.  These were some very heavy things to be going through and I only share them to ask you to pray for Victor and Damaris, specifically for healing from any kind of cancer in Damaris’ body!

When I picked them up they asked if we could pick up their daughter Merary who last year started university in Managua at UNAN.  She is studying medicine and was accepted into a program for students from remote regions that provides them dorm housing.  She seems to be doing very well, and they were all very excited to see each other.  On our way to the house they were staying in we stopped for lunch together, including Damaris’ 70 year old Tia who traveled with her from Walakitang.  I was encouraged to see them all together and encouraged Victor and Damaris to continue to invest whatever it takes for their daughter to complete her studies…it seems that God is preparing her to be a generational bridge to Walakitang.

Catching up about the church in Walakitang was very encouraging as well.  During our conversations I asked if there were any full families that came to church together or if the church was mostly made up of individuals from the community.  He and Damaris paused for a second and then started talking about this family and that family and another family, even to the point were they couldn’t even remember everyone’s names.  It was fun to realize that the church has grown to that point.  We pray that this little congregation will be a light for the Good things of Jesus in Walakitang, that people will come to know Jesus personally and follow Him with the way they live their lives.  This will bring great change to Walakitang.

Interestingly and sadly as well, there are still outbreaks of “The Crazy Sickness.”  You may remember this demonic possession that affects that portion of the Rio Coco from previously newsletters and blog posts we have written.  It has roots in the animistic religions of the region and in dark magic witchcraft.  As you pray for Walakitang, please keep praying against the crazy sickness!

On an encouraging note, during our lunch Damaris’ Tia started talking in Miskito.  I don’t understand much beyond saying hello in Miskito so it was fun to just sit there and listen to them.  Victor laughed a few times and then told me what she was wanting him to share.  She is actually part of the Moravian church in Walakitang, but she likes to visit the sick.  She recently asked Victor to visit with her during a time that he was praying and fasting.  He share two pretty powerful stories with me.  The first was about visiting a house where a woman was in a critical state of sickness and was having tremors.  Victor went with his Aunt and as he laid hands on her he saw her as a pale bald person while he was praying.  He immediately felt the Spirit of Death was upon her.  He kept praying against the Spirit of Death and by the time they finished He felt the Lord tell him she is healed and that by the next morning she would be better and eating meals.  Victor and his Tia were all smiles when they shared that the next morning the woman was back to normal and eating breakfast with her family.  Amen.

The next story began with…”we went to visit a home where a woman had been dead for three days.”  I started to think oh my goodness this is going to be incredible.  But Victor said she wasn’t dead but had been laying in bed for three days not moving.  Her skin and body were stiff and basically the only sign of life was that her heart was still beating.  He said when he came in the room he could feel a presence of witchcraft and evil spells.  Victor prayed against those things as he laid hands on the woman and again while he was praying he felt the Lord say she would be healed.  This time that it would be by the next Sunday and so he said amen and shared that with the family.  As they left the house, he said a little boy came running saying “Tio Tio she opened her eyes!”.  Sure enough by Sunday she was totally healed.  Now, she comes to Verbo Church every Sunday.  She gets there early, prays at the altar until the service starts and then joins the rest of the church members in worship.

Hearing this story reminded me of the Parable of the Two Debtors that Jesus tells in Luke Chapter 7 and of the woman there who had covered his feet in her tears and washed his feet with perfume.  She had been forgiven much and so she loved much.  This woman in Walakitang had been touched by God so deeply that now that she is back to life she is worshipping the Lord so deeply!  Victor was quick to say that he told all the church members that there is power in prayer and fasting, deflecting attention away from his involvement in these healings.  I said Amen! to that.

As we finished lunch I just had a fun time asking their Tia about Walakitang and what she remembers from back before it was even a town.  I learned a good little bit of history I hadn’t known before but will spare anyone who has read this far!  It was a great time together.

They will be heading back to Walakitang on Friday.  On the way home they will stop at a hospital in Jinotega for Damaris to have the biopsy done.  So, please be praying for her and for their family.  I made sure to spend time praying for Damaris and declaring healing over her as we said goodbye.  All cancer gone, in Jesus name!

If you would like to support this work in Walakitang and on the Rio Coco you can find more info here.  You can donate through our blog by check or by using PayPal.

Thank you for your support and prayers for Walakitang!  -Chachi

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The Pretense of Perfection…

As this school year started for our family, part of the curriculum that Krista is doing includes a daily one year bible reading schedule.  We chose the “highlights” version of the plan that would allow us to read one chapter a day.  So we have all been doing that together, but individually.

Have you ever read Genesis?  Not for kids.

Oh my goodness, as I am reading through the first twenty chapters there is all kinds of things I am sure our kids are reading wide eyed wondering what in the world is that!  Noah’s ark includes everyone dying, drunkenness and nudity.  Abram sleeps with his servant at his wife’s request to bear them a child.  Later Abraham sends servant and child away to wander in the desert where Ishmael is left to die alone in the sun.  Abram tells a foreign king his wife is his sister, so the King takes her as his wife…until he finds out that he has taken another man’s wife.  Angels visit Sodom and Gomorrah and the men there visit Lot’s house because they want to have sex with the visitors.  Lot offers his two virgin daughters instead.  Later as God is destroying that town, Lot’s wife looks back and is turned to a pillar of salt.  And a little later incest and the birth the Amorites and Moabites.  Abraham lays his son Isaac on the alter to sacrifice him…

This is God’s Story?  Yes this is God’s story…As I was reading those stories the other morning I realized something.

I came to Jesus with a pretense of a perfect life.  That pretense lasted as long Read More

Club Esperanza: First Day of School!!!

Here we are approaching the end of February and today I realized we never blogged about the first day of school!  There was so much anticipation and we had all of the rushing around getting things ready, purchasing desks, all the “little projects“, etc etc…  Today I was looking back at my phone and found this fun picture from the first day of school!  We did do a Facebook Live video the first day which you can view by clicking here on The Facebook…


What better way to share about the first day of school than to do it in pictures!  We were down at the club with our families on the first day to celebrate all of the fun.  Thank you to Kristen Ohran for capturing so many awesome moments with all of the cute kiddos!  It was a day of excitement and of course a few crying preschoolers being dropped off for the first time… Read More

Casa Robles: New faces at the rescue home…


We want to introduce you to Samael and Elery.  As this year started we had a visitor come to the gate asking to speak with Don Michael (Krista’s dad).  It was a mother asking for help.  She was desperate and was not able to care for her two sons anymore.  The situation in Nicaragua has made life impossible for her.  She could not even feed her boys and she asked if there was any way that we could take them.  It is incredibly sad that this type of situation even exists, but we know the Lord has Casa Robles in existence for these types of moments.  So, Mr. B met with her down by the gate, prayed with her and told her about Casa Robles.  The next week they met with Mama Angelica and Papa Yuri and we felt the Lord giving the green light.  These boys needed a refuge, right now.


Angelica and Yuri made the trip two hours North to a very rural town called Chongo and came back with Samael and Elery.  Their living condition was very Read More

Desks Delivered!

Thank you to everyone who helped us buy the desks for this year…it was awesome to have all your help!  School starts next Monday…we do still have other needs at the school, if you are interested in helping click here to see the list.

We were able to buy all the desks needed for the Third grade classroom plus some extra smaller desks for our First and Second grade classes that have had such a high demand that we made room for more students (our teachers don’t like to say no!).

We appreciate your prayers for Club Esperanza Read More

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