Month: December 2011

Trimming the tree with Gigi…

We are heading to Miami tomorrow for Christmas with Chris’s family.  But today our kids got to do some Christmas celebrating with their Great Grandmother.  Gigi lives down here in her home which she built five years ago.  It is a huge blessing for… Continue Reading “Trimming the tree with Gigi…”

Christmas in La Chureca…

Christmas came to La Chureca for all the children at Colegio Cristiana Esperanza.  Sheyla the school director and Cecilia who is the president of our Non Profit here in Nicaragua, along with the entire staff of the school went to great efforts to collect… Continue Reading “Christmas in La Chureca…”

Colegio Esperanza….

This past month has been filled with end of the school year activity at Colegio Esperanza in La Chureca (the city dump).  It has been a fun time with all of the kids, the end of the year is always something really special…vacation…grades…graduation…parties…Christmas is… Continue Reading “Colegio Esperanza….”

Big Game on Saturday…

So this weekend Barcelona play Real Madrid in the Spanish “La Liga”.  The equivelant of Yankees vesus Red Sox in the states.  Everyone in this country likes one team or the other.  So on my way over to Robles today I saw a guy… Continue Reading “Big Game on Saturday…”

The Death of a President….

So A few months ago Krista was going through a history book of our former Presidents and showing them to Mason.  They spent some time on George Washington and talked about him being our first President, where he was born and some other stuff….even… Continue Reading “The Death of a President….”

Party like a King…

…Marcos and Freder’s birthdays both just recently passed, so instead of getting a piñata and having a party at the house we went out on the town.  There is a Burger King in downtown Managua….so we paid a little visit.  Do you know what is… Continue Reading “Party like a King…”

Ever made an apple turkey?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!  Ok I know that happened last week.  But we had a great time down here.  Krista found a cool idea for the kids…..APPLE TURKIES.   Aliyah, Mason and Bella joined up with their aunts and uncles and each created their own personal… Continue Reading “Ever made an apple turkey?”

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