Month: March 2013

Juliette’s First Birthday Present…

Our little baby girl turned one last week.  We had a little cake with the family by the pool and sang Happy Birthday to her.  Our sweet little baby, she is getting all big and talking (ok fine…it is screaming) and crawling around…she is… Continue Reading “Juliette’s First Birthday Present…”

Christ Journey Church is in the house…

We are looking forward to a great week of ministry at Club Esperanza with the youth group from Christ Journey Church in Miami, Florida.  This is the church Chris grew up in (formerly UBC) and a huge supporter of our family and ministry here… Continue Reading “Christ Journey Church is in the house…”

Fundraising Update: New Facility for Club Esperanza

This week we had some dear friends, who care very much for education and the work that God is doing at Club Esperanza, give a very generous gift. They made a matching donation of $25,000 towards the purchase of the new facility! We are… Continue Reading “Fundraising Update: New Facility for Club Esperanza”

Ruby Ranch: A Water Well…water is life!

    Water is a huge need for getting a solid infrastructure at Ruby Ranch…over the last month Krista’s brother Brinson (who runs the ranch) took to the task of getting things going out there and finding a water source.  Some dear friends donate the… Continue Reading “Ruby Ranch: A Water Well…water is life!”

Club Esperanza: High School Scholarship Kids…

At Club Esperanza we have a program specifically designed to help High School Students succeed in their school year.  La Barca is our High School student scholarship program.  Today we had a very special outing.  Fundacion Dejame Intentarlo (blog) is a Non Profit from… Continue Reading “Club Esperanza: High School Scholarship Kids…”

Visitors to Club Esperanza…

Today we had a group of college students from the University of Virginia come by Club Esperanza.  They are in the country serving with Orphan Network which is an organization that sponsors our lunch time feeding program at the club.  We are very grateful… Continue Reading “Visitors to Club Esperanza…”

Solution: How to keep pigeon poo off your truck…

What do you got now Mr. Pigeon?!?!?! Actually this morning we brought some of the old razor wire from the demolition of the school over to Casa Robles.  Some of the local rif raf has been climbing on the roof at night and tossing… Continue Reading “Solution: How to keep pigeon poo off your truck…”

What is that???

Yep, it is a cake….why does it look like a bowling ball fell on it?  Well, let us reintroduce you to Jaqueline from Casa Havilah 🙂 Jacki had her birthday this week and Mamma Jenny prepared a small dinner for her.  I took Aliyah… Continue Reading “What is that???”

Casa Robles: Luisa & Kener

   Many of you will remember Luisa & Kener, they are brother and sister who used to live at Casa Robles.  Luisa was less than two years old and Kener not much older when they came to live at Casa Robles.  We had them… Continue Reading “Casa Robles: Luisa & Kener”

“Who is this Man?”

This morning, I was reading “Who is this Man?  The unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus” by John Ortberg.  A refreshing sort of sermonette putting the life of Jesus in story form, drawing out challenges to the reader.  How do I live my life… Continue Reading ““Who is this Man?””

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