Month: July 2011

Baptize them…

Throughout the summer so far we have had a lot of activity with visitor coming from the United States to help with the work that God is doing here.  Everyone comes from a different place and different perspective…but all see God evidently here in… Continue Reading “Baptize them…”

Daddy got some boots…Ruby Ranch Update

           Mason discovered Daddy’s boots and decided to take em’ for a spin…. Things have really picked up this summer out at Ruby Ranch.  Thanks to the involvement of awesome teams throughout the summer, we have gotten a whole lot of things done out… Continue Reading “Daddy got some boots…Ruby Ranch Update”

Pastor Victor from Walakitang was ordained today…

Many of you know we have been supporting the church in Walakitang and several others along the Rio Coco for the last five years.  Well, today was a special Sunday.  Pastor Victor traveled all the way to Managua along with other Verbo pastors from… Continue Reading “Pastor Victor from Walakitang was ordained today…”

Adios UBC Miami….

We just said good bye this morning to a group from my home church in Miami, UBC.  It was a family team, so there were lots of kids, lots of fun and lots of confused parents….us included…IT WAS AWESOME!!!  Really and Sincerely we had… Continue Reading “Adios UBC Miami….”

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