Month: January 2012

Please Pray this morning…

We have a meeting this morning with one of the mother’s at Casa Robles.  If you remember last year this same mother considered not returning Kener & Luisa to Robles.  Well this year she is again wanting to take them out.  Without going into… Continue Reading “Please Pray this morning…”

Coburn & Melissa Murray….

What a great wedding day!  Everything was beautiful, everything went without any major flaw, everyone was celebrating, singing, dancing and having a great time.  The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was awesome! Congratulations to Melissa and Coburn on their wedding day! Here are… Continue Reading “Coburn & Melissa Murray….”

Big day tomorrow!!!

How is that for a backdrop for the rehearsal….provided by the Lord Himself 🙂 It will be a great celebration tomorrow, we just had a wonderful time with family and out of town guests put on by the Murray family.  This rainbow decided to… Continue Reading “Big day tomorrow!!!”

Prayer for Casa Havilah & Casa Robles…..

Please be praying for all the girls and boys in our rescue homes here.  Vacation is coming to an end and this is the time of year where inevitably some children do not come back to the homes and end up staying with their… Continue Reading “Prayer for Casa Havilah & Casa Robles…..”

Hangin with the Bachelor…

Krista’s sister Melissa is getting married to Coburn Murray this weekend.  There is a full week of activity and the wedding is going to be at Quinta Havilah (the Buzbee’s place here in Nicaragua) so there is lots of excitement going on.  Today I… Continue Reading “Hangin with the Bachelor…”

Casa time…gettin down and dirty

In two weeks we will be building a home for this family pictured below.  In the Spring for the last almost 10 years teams from Palmer Trinity School in Miami have come down and built houses for families in a nearby neighborhood.  We are… Continue Reading “Casa time…gettin down and dirty”

I am Southern Baptist…

…but I hold the power of the Holy Spirit as something dear and true, and I believe that the fruit of God’s presence is still with us today, available and powerful.  This brother (article link below) is Pentacostal I assume and writes for Charisma… Continue Reading “I am Southern Baptist…”

Christmas & New Year’s travels…

Wow.  We had an awesome trip to the states.  We had so much fun in Miami with Mema and Uncle Matt & Aunt Reina and their boyz and with PopPop (whom Mason affectionately calls the Zoo guy….yep we went to the zoo for sure). … Continue Reading “Christmas & New Year’s travels…”

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