Month: February 2012

Colegio Esperanza….off to the clinic…

Last year we had a local clinic offer to see all of the students at Colegio Esperanza and begin files on them.  Great right!  It is great!  In La Chureca there are so many different factors affecting health, so we are looking forward to… Continue Reading “Colegio Esperanza….off to the clinic…”

Happy Birthday Papa!!!

Krista’s dad celebrated his birthday last weekend and we had a fun time celebrating with him!  Both Papa and Gramma are in the states now for Coburn and Melissa’s wedding reception in Tallahassee….should be a great time!  Pray for God to give them some… Continue Reading “Happy Birthday Papa!!!”

Bella Quotes…

Ok so this was funny, yesterday Isabella turns to me and goes – “Hi I’m Doug and I have mesolimilia”.  I think I need to stop watching the news with her….that commercial always comes on….hahahaha

Baby Prayers…

Can you see lil’ baby’s face?  He/She is sideways and you can see two eyes, a nose, chin and even the little mouth.  Pretty cool shot we got at the last ultrasound!  About a month left until the due date and we appreciate your… Continue Reading “Baby Prayers…”

Valentine’s day Tea Party….

We had some Valentine’s day fun last week.  Krista had a rose for each of our kiddos and did some fun decorations for them.   Later in the day we had a “Day of Love” tea party at gramma’s house with everyone and Gigi.  The… Continue Reading “Valentine’s day Tea Party….”

Colegio Esperanza: Trash Water…

School has started at Colegio Esperanza.  We have over 300 students registered again for class this year.  We look forward to a great year….and we need all the help we can get!  Please be in prayer for this school year!      We got some… Continue Reading “Colegio Esperanza: Trash Water…”

“I do like Mason”

Krista has been potty training Isabella and it has been adventurous with her.  Yesterday she came back in talking about tinkle so Krista grabbed her and headed for the bathroom.  But she was saying no no no.  She said “no mommy I do like… Continue Reading ““I do like Mason””

Palmer Trinity School….pictures from the house contruction…

This morning we said goodbye to a team from Miami from Palmer Trinity School.  Like I mentioned we spent the week building a house for a local family.  It was a huge need, and the most amazing thing is to be able to bless… Continue Reading “Palmer Trinity School….pictures from the house contruction…”

House Construction

We have been spending this last week building a home for a family in a nearby community with students from Palmer Trinity School in Miami.  It has been lots of fun and hard work, rewarding work.  I should have put this up earlier, but… Continue Reading “House Construction”

Robles Boyz at Ruby Ranch

     The boys are still on vacation from school so today we took them out to Ruby Ranch.  An awesome way to spend a day with a bunch of guys.  We had lunch when we got there.  Then we rode bikes and horses.  Then… Continue Reading “Robles Boyz at Ruby Ranch”

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