Walakitang is a community of indigenous Miskito Indian people in the northern autonomous region of Nicaragua on the Rio Coco bordering Honduras.

In 2005, we began supporting a small church in Walakitang with resources and visits.  It is a place that takes a day by car and two days by boat to reach.  It is a difficult journey and the travel is expensive.  But years later this work continues.

The lead pastor’s name is Victor Nieves (pictured below).  He was originally a member of the church, but when there was a need for new leadership in 2009, the church elected him as leader and pastor.  At that same time we were able to move the church under the cover of “Verbo Church”, a Central American evangelical denomination.  This is the church we attend in Managua and they have a large outreach to the Miskito communities.

The church in Walakitang is small but establishing itself still.  In the last two years we have been working to plant new churches in several other surrounding communities; Somopipi, Lakusta, Siksiaris, and Linda Vista.  These small church plants, as well as the church in Walakitang, need your constant prayers.  There is much spiritual warfare there based in years of witchcraft and animistic religions that are prevalent in the region.  There is also surprisingly much religious strife as well.

The monthly costs of this outreach is $400.  If you would like to help in anyway financially please do!  Thank you!  (link to donation page)

If you would like to join us for a trip up the river, please make contact with us.  We can give you details of the costs of the trip and the opportunities for ministry.

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