Month: July 2019

Ruby Ranch: Fundraiser to fix the Slide!

By far the best highlight of any trip out to Ruby Ranch is when the GIANT slide down the side of the hill that opens in the afternoon!  It is so much fun and such a cool thing to be able to do in… Continue Reading “Ruby Ranch: Fundraiser to fix the Slide!”

A new home for some hard working friends…

Don Horadio has been working at Ruby Ranch as part of the full time staff that maintains the Ranch year round for over seven years now…pretty much since the beginning of the ranch.  His house had gone into disrepair and was starting to fall… Continue Reading “A new home for some hard working friends…”

Mission 4 Nicaragua…an invasion!

 Our amazing friend Hilary Snook was on the war path for Jesus this summer with her organization Mission 4 Nicaragua!  For the last month teams, guests, and friends have visited Nicaragua with her to get their hands dirty doing God’s things down here and… Continue Reading “Mission 4 Nicaragua…an invasion!”

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