Month: October 2018

Club Esperanza: Sopa!!!

No, that does not mean soap LOL!  It is probably one of the funniest mistakes when learning Spanish, when you try to ask for some soap and use the word “sopa” instead….because “Sopa” actually means soup!  Just imagine the stares when you ask “I… Continue Reading “Club Esperanza: Sopa!!!”

Farrington Newsletter: Fall 2018

Chris turned 40 this past weekend!  We had a fun time together celebrating and definitely had to blog some pictures of the “Ol’ Man’s” birthday celebration! We hope you have time today to read our most recent newsletter.  You can find it below.  God… Continue Reading “Farrington Newsletter: Fall 2018”

Food Packs Delivery…

We made another delivery of Food Packs, we are well into round 6 and have delivered packs to 220 families!  Thank you everyone for your help with this…it has been a huge blessing and a mighty help in a time of need.  These packs… Continue Reading “Food Packs Delivery…”

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