Month: July 2017

Summer Fun: …Family Fun!

Coburn, Melissa and all the Murray cousins came to Nicaragua….FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER!  And Aunt Ebi was here too!  The summer can be a busy time with lots going on, lots of great Jesus glorifying things!  But, probably the best part is that we… Continue Reading “Summer Fun: …Family Fun!”

Summer Fun: On Mission for Nicaragua…

Our friends Hilary & Jack Snook, their family and a bunch of friends from Georgia came down this summer on “Mission for Nicaragua.”  They organized over the year under this banner and came down ready to Dominate for Jesus in any way that they… Continue Reading “Summer Fun: On Mission for Nicaragua…”

Summer Fun: New Rancho at Club Esperanza!

Last week Illuminate Church from Celebration, Florida came down to Nicaragua with a team of awesome people ready to bless all the kids at Club Cristiano La Esperanza with a new Rancho!  This is going to be an outside study area with a cool… Continue Reading “Summer Fun: New Rancho at Club Esperanza!”

Summer Fun…Narrow Gaters!

Every summer we have some friends who want to spend a little more time in Nicaragua and jump into ministry for an extended period time.  Narrow Gate is a program Krista and I have hosted since we moved to Nicaragua in 2005.  We focus… Continue Reading “Summer Fun…Narrow Gaters!”

Summer Fun…Valor Christian School

We have been in a fun summer swing with visitors from the states coming down and volunteering in ministry with us!  Praise God for all the hands on deck! Valor Christian School from Colorado has been a partner at Ruby Ranch since its beginning… Continue Reading “Summer Fun…Valor Christian School”

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