Month: June 2011

Nature Land….

So there has been much going on these last couple weeks and blogging has taken a back seat….hopefully we will catch up on some ministry news soon.  But in the mean time this morning something else happened, and we are now going to call… Continue Reading “Nature Land….”

Shoes Shoes Shoes…

We have a team in town that took all of the kids from Havilah & Robles to the movies today and after the movies they went to Payless Shoes and got new shoes for everyone!  Yes we even have Payless here in Nicaragua?!?!?  Imagine… Continue Reading “Shoes Shoes Shoes…”

crazy kiddos…

Aliyah, Mason & Isabella have given us some crazy photos over the last couple of days, swamp thang, sassy lassy, crazy joe…..we have got a gang of crazies 🙂 🙂  We love them!!!  They make our lives exciting!

Mars Hill vs. Mars Hill

So i finally got my hands on Rob Bell’s “Love Wins” book and started into it last night.  First chapter was an exhausting litany of questions and doubts towards Jesus & Christianity.  Really the chapter was 99% questions, not sure how Bell pulled it… Continue Reading “Mars Hill vs. Mars Hill”

Guardebaranco….Nicaraguan National Bird

This is the beautiful bird that is the national bird of Nicaragua.  When we dug out the ground for our house they showed up.  They are called guardebaranco which means bank guarder (not the money kind, the kind at the edge of a river). … Continue Reading “Guardebaranco….Nicaraguan National Bird”

Dia De Padres…

Aliyah’s kindergarten school puts on a big show for all of the parents to celebrate Mothers Day at the end of May.  They practice their dances for months and then do a big show….I imagine it is similar to ones in the states.  Aliyah’s… Continue Reading “Dia De Padres…”

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