Month: June 2013

Slip Slidin’ Away….

A couple weeks ago we went to Ruby Ranch with Casa Havilah & Casa Robles.  Valor Christian School from Colorado (Check out their Missions Website) had built a HUGE Slip-N-Slide down the hill at the Double R and this was their day to test… Continue Reading “Slip Slidin’ Away….”

Flooding at Club Esperanza…

We had our first  huge rain of the season (rains came really late at the very end of April).  It was so nice for all of the country, and things are already miraculously turning green.  It is a really amazing to watch how quickly… Continue Reading “Flooding at Club Esperanza…”

Look What Timo Found!!!

Krista’s brother Timo spotted this big guy squirm up a tree…..he called their brother Moses who came out with his BB gun…..Ol’ boy was way up a coconut tree.  Moses hit it on his first shot!!!  Livin’ la vida loca 🙂  Sorry we can’t… Continue Reading “Look What Timo Found!!!”

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