Month: May 2013

Casa Robles: ¡Feliz Dia de Madre!

Marcos who is the oldest at our boys home (Casa Robles) is in his first year of High School.  Mother’s Day is a huge event here in Nicaragua, it is in fact a National Holiday.  Marcos is not shy.  So for the “Dia De… Continue Reading “Casa Robles: ¡Feliz Dia de Madre!”

There is a time for everything…

…a season for everything under the sun.  Ecclesiastes chapter 3 This past week was one of those times for reflection.  A couple of events amongst the many that pack our lives caught my attention, because they are on polar ends of the spectrum.  We… Continue Reading “There is a time for everything…”

Newest Newsletter…

If you have time today or any other day, this is a digital copy of our most recent newsletter from February & March.  We appreciate all of your prayers for our families and for all the things God is doing here in Nicaragua!  February/March… Continue Reading “Newest Newsletter…”

You are the devil…no you are the devil…

Did Jesus ever argue?  Honestly I chuckled reading an exchange between Jesus and the “Pharisees”, “Jews who had believed him”, and other onlookers in John chapter 8.  If you know me well, you know I like to argue and exchange views.  Ever since elementary… Continue Reading “You are the devil…no you are the devil…”

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