Month: November 2011

House Update: Why is your bed in the kitchen?

So for the last two weeks we have been living in half of our house.  All three kids in their room….Krista and I in the Dining Room/Kitchen!!!!  As you might imagine….life is a little crazy these days….an adventure!!! 🙂 In the one picture you… Continue Reading “House Update: Why is your bed in the kitchen?”

Trip to Walakitang….please be praying….

UPDATE:  The team made it and we have heard from them via satelite phone.  The med team treated quite a few very ill newborn babies as I understood it.  There was a set of twins that terribly dehydrated when they arrived.  Sadly the little… Continue Reading “Trip to Walakitang….please be praying….”

Why not play soccer in your 30s???

Because when you get wiped out by the goalie you hit the ground a little harder, it hurts a little more and it takes a little bit longer to get up!!!!  Those dang jovenes!!!! I would like to point out however that the ball… Continue Reading “Why not play soccer in your 30s???”

A wedding at Colegio Esperanza

    No there certainly aren’t elementary schoolers getting married here in Nicaragua!  But just recently one of our former students named Romulo has gotten married to his now wife Jerling. Their story was really something special.  Jerling had been participating with a group of… Continue Reading “A wedding at Colegio Esperanza”

Aliyah….our lil’ graduate!

    Aliyah has graduated from Kindergarden!!!  Hip Hip Hooray!  We are very proud of Aliyah and are very thankful for the Kinder Montessori that we found here in Managua for her to attend.  She has learned Spanish, learned how to write, is on her… Continue Reading “Aliyah….our lil’ graduate!”

A very special day….

   The teachers and staff at Colegio Esperanza wanted to plan a way to surprise Mr. & Mrs. Buzbee to show them how grateful they are for the work and ministry that they have at Colegio Esperanza in La Chureca.  These teachers really are… Continue Reading “A very special day….”

This is Casa Robles…

“y a confortar a los dolientes de Sión.    Me ha enviado a darles una corona       en vez de cenizas,    aceite de alegría       en vez de luto,    traje de fiesta       en vez de espíritu de desaliento.    Serán llamados ROBLES de justicia,       plantío del Señor, para… Continue Reading “This is Casa Robles…”

Thems teefs is a fallin’ out…

Aliyah lost her first official tooth this morning.  There are two missing because, when she was two she fell and lost that other one.  This is the first time she has had a loose tooth and this morning she was eating a pancake and… Continue Reading “Thems teefs is a fallin’ out…”

Nicaragua Presidential elections are tomorrow…

Daniel Ortega (yes that Ortega from the Sandanista/civil war/iran-contra/etc. of the 70s and 80s fame) has been president here for the last five years.  He won five years ago because of corruption and lack of unity on the “Democracy” party’s side.  Nothing has changed… Continue Reading “Nicaragua Presidential elections are tomorrow…”

Political Correctness: The Anti Jesus

In western culture today there are certain things that penetrate our minds and take precedence at the forefront.  One is Political Correctness.  I think it started in the 90s, but probably before…the 90s is when I remember it, but that is when I think… Continue Reading “Political Correctness: The Anti Jesus”

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