Month: February 2013

Our Recent Newsletter

In our most recent newsletter to start the new year we did some reflecting about 2012 and also some looking into what will come in 2013.  There are some details about the different ministries God has placed in our hands here…hope you have a… Continue Reading “Our Recent Newsletter”

Tutoring Program at Club Esperanza

Blog Note:  We Updated the “Club Esperanza“ Tab above    This week we started the tutoring program at the Club.  Over 200 children signed up so we were expecting a large crowd and we got one….the kids kept coming.  The purpose is to provide… Continue Reading “Tutoring Program at Club Esperanza”

House Construction Projects…

In February and March we will have teams of high school students down from Miami building homes for families in need.  Please take a look at their blogs from their trips.  We just said good bye to Westminster this morning and Palmer Trinity will… Continue Reading “House Construction Projects…”

Casa Robles: First Day of School

The boys from Casa Robles (our rescue home for boys) started school last week.  The last two years they have been enrolled in a private school in Managua.  This has done wonders for them and their education.  It is an extra cost every month,… Continue Reading “Casa Robles: First Day of School”

Opening Club Cristiano La Espernza

It almost feels like in a flash we are relocated and back and kicking in our efforts to serve and minister to the families of La Chureca.  The last month was so difficult and exhausting, that it was really almost sureal to be starting… Continue Reading “Opening Club Cristiano La Espernza”

Happy Valentines Day from Nicaragua!

Lots of love and God’s richest blessing from all of us!!!! Happy Valentines Day!!!!        Mama Angelica and Mama Jenny from Casa Robles & Casa Havilah were over today with all the kiddos and Mrs. B made them a couple of beautiful… Continue Reading “Happy Valentines Day from Nicaragua!”

Casa Robles: Happy Birthday Marcos & Denis!

In the midst of all the difficult and sad days of the past two weeks, it was fun to come together and celebrate a birthday!  Two for that matter.  Marcos’ birthday was over the break and Denis’ birthday was last week.  So, yesterday we… Continue Reading “Casa Robles: Happy Birthday Marcos & Denis!”

Update on La Chureca…new location

Thank you all for praying for us down here during this very difficult past week.  The Lord has provided us with a new location, just in time and in a very encouraging way for us.  I have updated the previous post with pictures of… Continue Reading “Update on La Chureca…new location”

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