Month: September 2015

A tough day…Marcos from Casa Robles

We love serving the Lord here in Nicaragua and we love sharing about the exciting days that we have and the fun things that we get to do in ministry.  But, as it goes in life, there are certainly plenty of days that we… Continue Reading “A tough day…Marcos from Casa Robles”

Casa Robles: Mission Accomplished….

   …Fun has officially been donated to Casa Robles!  Thank you to those of you who responded so quickly when we put up the photos a month or two ago.  We went the following week to Pricesmart and as it often goes here in Nicaragua… Continue Reading “Casa Robles: Mission Accomplished….”

Walakitang Update from the Rio Coco…

  We had a really nice meeting with Pastor Victor here in Managua last week.  It was brief because Victor is preparing to guide a team from Verbo Church to Walakitang.  These trips are very intense in the logistical sense as well as being a… Continue Reading “Walakitang Update from the Rio Coco…”

Summer Family Fun…

We had a great full summer with lots of visitors and enjoyed every  bit of it.  God is so good and we love to be a part of what He is doing here in Nicaragua!  We also had some family fun and wanted to… Continue Reading “Summer Family Fun…”

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