Month: September 2012

Casa Robles….Great News about Angel!!!

So we also took Mason out to McDonalds for lunch for his birthday with a couple of other friends from school and the boys from Casa Robles…..look at this sweet face acting silly in this picture below!!!  ANGEL IS BACK AT CASA ROBLES!!!! The… Continue Reading “Casa Robles….Great News about Angel!!!”

Mason’s 5th Birthday!!!

Our son is five now!  He is officially a soldier 🙂  Krista had the great idea to have an Army Birthday Party for Mason.  He loves playing soldiers, it is pretty awesome.  He will sit quietly for hours in his own little world….yes every… Continue Reading “Mason’s 5th Birthday!!!”

Christian Persecution in Iran…

This sticky note has been on our computer for nearly a year now.  When we first heard the story of Youcef Nadarkhani we began to pray for him.  Our kids all prayed for him too….almost every night one of them would remember him.  We… Continue Reading “Christian Persecution in Iran…”

Pop Pop’s visit…

Pop Pop visited Nicaragua last week to spend some time with us on our turf 🙂  Mason was so excited…he said “we went to Pop Pop’s zoo in Miami, I am gonna take him to my zoo here”….and we did.  It was exciting to… Continue Reading “Pop Pop’s visit…”

Never Forget….

Sadly this year the anniversary of September 11, 2001 sort of snuck up on me.  One might say that is good, means things are normal again…but really am I just returning to my bubble ignoring a different reality around me and around the world? … Continue Reading “Never Forget….”

Casa Havilah Party…update on Angel

Friday night we celebrated Sophia and Mikeylin’s birthdays at Casa Havilah!  It was lots of fun as always.  Probably the cutest part was when the two girls sat in chairs in the middle and everyone who wanted to, did something special for them.  Jacki… Continue Reading “Casa Havilah Party…update on Angel”

Casa Robles….roof action

We spent last week finishing Phase 2 of the roof project at Casa Robles!  Thank you for all of your prayers for this project to happen and thank you to those of you who were able to help!  Again the vision is simple, giving… Continue Reading “Casa Robles….roof action”

Summer Newsletter….

Summer Newsletter (just click here) We had a really impactful summer and I know we didn’t get everything here on the blogs…especially all the teams that came down.  If you have a moment here is our newsletter that we mail out via snail mail….it… Continue Reading “Summer Newsletter….”

Parent Rap…

This is legit… Parents Rap about their kiddos Very funny….“daddy play it again”…..get ready for that….isn’t today cartoon day or something?!?!?!?  hahahahaha H/T:  Suiter Gang

Casa Havilah…a beautiful baptism

A few weeks ago we celebrated the baptism of Katherine from Casa Havilah.  It was a beautiful moment for a young lady that has a huge future ahead of her.  A couple years ago Katherine was struggling with pretty much everything in her life… Continue Reading “Casa Havilah…a beautiful baptism”

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