Month: March 2011

Constucting our casa…

…actually an addition.  Krista & I have been praying about this for over a year now and we arrived at the point to make a decision to start construction on our house.  We are a family of five living in our two bedroom house… Continue Reading “Constucting our casa…”

Sand Box at school!!!

We’ve made some improvements at Colegio Esperanza.  First thing was to fill in the floor in front of the kitchen.  We have tons of movement there and wanted to get a floor down before the rains come.  Sheyla (school director who most of you… Continue Reading “Sand Box at school!!!”

Went surfin’ today….

didn’t expect this to happen….Ouch!! It was a huge 7ft swell with waves well overhead.  It was just intense to be out there.  My first try led to a free fall over the falls, it hurt but it was such a rush i was… Continue Reading “Went surfin’ today….”

Tweedle-D and Tweedle-D

The twin girls Mileyding & Genesis who the previous Palmer team had built a house for showed up to the work site…….for what you might ask?  Pringles….duh?!?!  🙂  That is not all they came for, but I am pretty sure this could be an… Continue Reading “Tweedle-D and Tweedle-D”

Hope in La Chureca…

University Baptist Church’s youth group came down last week.  This was really fun for me because UBC is the church I grew up in and they have supported Krista and I from the beginning….it is awesome to get to spend time with family! We… Continue Reading “Hope in La Chureca…”

Speaking of reaction to La Chureca…

Not sure if you have the 45 minutes, but my aunt sent me a link to the guy from the Travel Channel who visited Nicaragua.  It is a really well done episode, especially if you have been here.  He does visit La Chureca and… Continue Reading “Speaking of reaction to La Chureca…”

March Madness…

Palmer Trinity School from Miami sent another group of students down and build a house for the second time in as many months.  Who cares about Basketball down here right?!!?  We’ve got our own version of March Madness….building a house in one week is… Continue Reading “March Madness…”

Happy 81st Birthday Gigi!!!

Krista’s grandmother Shirley, who lives down here with us celebrated her 81st  this week.  Happy Birthday Gigi!

Timo’s birthday was last week.  We had minature Spidermans running around….the cake even had a web on it.  Happy Birthday Tim Tom!!!! 

Housing project…

  This year Palmer Trinity will be coming with a second team in March and will be building another house.  This is a great project and it will be awesome to get to do it twice this year.  The family they will be working… Continue Reading “Housing project…”

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