Month: March 2017

Spring Newsletter…shouts for joy!

Thank you for your interest in our ministry here in Nicaragua.  In our Spring newsletter we share some of our happenings the last few months…great things that brought “shouts of joy and songs of praise!”  Click the link below to have a look… Los Farringtons… Continue Reading “Spring Newsletter…shouts for joy!”

An “Ask” of the Lord…

Krista and I had a really incredible weekend a few weeks ago at the Tim Tebow Foundations Celebrity Golf Classic.  Being that we are neither celebrities nor golfers, and we live in Nicaragua it doesn’t make much sense that we would be in Jacksonville… Continue Reading “An “Ask” of the Lord…”

Family Update: Our baby just turned 5!

Time sneaks up on you sometimes and all of a sudden your baby girl is turning five years old!  We know, we know, just wait ’til they are graduating high school!  LOL!  It is so true, time does keep on slippin’ into the future.… Continue Reading “Family Update: Our baby just turned 5!”

Walakitang Update: Great News…keep praying!

I was just now able to talk to Pastor Victor and he had a great report.  Since yesterday the “Crisi Sikni” has been gone from Walakitang!  That is amazingly incredible and it is because of your alls prayers!  Hundreds of people praying from all… Continue Reading “Walakitang Update: Great News…keep praying!”

Walakitang: Urgent Request for Prayer… “Crisi Sikni”

We received a message last night from Pastor Victor in Walakitang.  He said that in Walakitang there has been another manifestation of the “Crisi Siknis”.  As many as forty-five people in the village are being affected.  This “sickness” is better described as a demon… Continue Reading “Walakitang: Urgent Request for Prayer… “Crisi Sikni””

Mercy Homes: Westminster Christian School 2017

We were blessed once again this year to build two homes during early Winter Break from school in the U.S.  Westminster school was back again this year and came to Nicaragua ready to bust their tails to build a home for a family in… Continue Reading “Mercy Homes: Westminster Christian School 2017”

Mercy Homes: Palmer Trinity School 2017

    We recently got to do one of the more incredible things we ever get to do.  We built a home for a young family here in Nicaragua.  For over a decade we have been building Mercy Homes in a small community outside… Continue Reading “Mercy Homes: Palmer Trinity School 2017”

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