Month: October 2011

God’s Grace & Mercy…

In reflection on personal failings…. When one becomes a Christian, especially if you are outspoken and loud and wear it on your sleeve like me, there is an added pressure to live a pure and holy life.  If I am gonna scream about Jesus,… Continue Reading “God’s Grace & Mercy…”

Ruby Ranch….and Cousin Mark…

Chris’s cousin Mark Nash came down and spent two months with us, it was a great time!  Mark, it was great to have you here man!!!  You came, you served, you dominated!  Mark is back in the states now, preparing for Officer Training school… Continue Reading “Ruby Ranch….and Cousin Mark…”

Muffin Time on Saturday morning….

The kiddos did some baking yesterday morning.  They made mini muffin/doughnut holes….they looked like muffins but tasted like a doughnut hole….PRETTY AWESOME!!!!  Daddy was really excited! 🙂  As you can see in these pictures, Isabella was pretty hysterically excited too! UPDATE:  I tried to… Continue Reading “Muffin Time on Saturday morning….”

Margarita’s Birthday…

A couple weeks ago we paid a visit to Miss Margarita Temple for her 89th birthday.  She is Ruby’s older sister and a dear dear friend, actually more like family to us.  We crowded in with all of our family and celebrated with a… Continue Reading “Margarita’s Birthday…”

Do you want to smile?

Tent Pavillion at Colegio Esperanza…

   Over the past several years the wind and rain and sun had torn apart our meeting tent that is situated behind our school in La Chureca.  This space is where we have all Monday morning devotions, big meetings and holiday activities with the… Continue Reading “Tent Pavillion at Colegio Esperanza…”

Roofing at Casa Robles…

So we had previously been in a holding pattern for fixing the roof at Robles.  We received a donation to put on the roof over two bedrooms of the house, but rains came and we all decided to make a go at waiting for… Continue Reading “Roofing at Casa Robles…”

Rain Rain go away…

Wow it has been raining here for four days straight now….maybe five.  I think it started Saturday night.  It is not good to have so much rain, so consistently when the ground is already saturated from the rainy season.  There has already been mild… Continue Reading “Rain Rain go away…”

Who is God?

God is Savior. In his book “Has Christianity Failed You?”, Ravi Zacharias posits what a difference it would make if God was not Savior….this resonated with me. “Without a Savior, there is no one to save you from yourself, no one who knows you… Continue Reading “Who is God?”

We are having a baby!!!

We are excited to announce we are waiting on baby number four to come our way.  Last week we went to the doctor and everything looks fine.  This time we waited a little longer and it was so funny because the baby was already… Continue Reading “We are having a baby!!!”

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