Month: April 2014

The ongoing Earthquake Threat…

Before blogging we want to mention the Tornadoes hitting Arkansas and Oklahoma…we are praying for our friends in those states and for everyone affected.  We can’t get up there to help, but we will keep praying! We are now about three weeks into a… Continue Reading “The ongoing Earthquake Threat…”

Signed, Sealed, Delivered…

We want to say a HUGE thank you once again to all of you who helped us complete the purchase of the Club Esperanza property!  It was absolutely amazing to see the Lord work through all of you to help us to secure this… Continue Reading “Signed, Sealed, Delivered…”

Building Homes in Nicaragua pt.2

This spring we also hosted a team from Westminster Christian School in Miami.  We have received a student led Spring Break team from Westminster for the last three years.  Three students from the school were on a trip with Christ Journey Church on a… Continue Reading “Building Homes in Nicaragua pt.2”

Building Homes in Nicaragua pt.1

We have been pretty busy over the past month hosting teams of high school students from Miami.  These kids are a part of a great project…building homes for families in need!  It is a pretty intense time.  But, by the time the trip is over… Continue Reading “Building Homes in Nicaragua pt.1”

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