Month: October 2017

Club Esperanza: God’s provision…

In reading Christian history and the amazing things men and women of God have done throughout the centuries, there is inevitably a beautiful story told of God’s provision at the perfect moment.  I remember reading about an orphanage of hundreds of kids in England.… Continue Reading “Club Esperanza: God’s provision…”

Farrington Newsletter

We want to share our recent newsletter one more time before we move into the Fall.  Hopefully a number of you were able to receive it in physical form!  If you would like to get it in the mail, please email us your address. … Continue Reading “Farrington Newsletter”

Hurricanes all over the place!

As Hurricanes have hit back home in the USA over the past month we have been praying and asking the Lord to help all of those suffering in every way they need…comfort in loss, protection in recovery, provision as everyone rebuilds!  And we keep… Continue Reading “Hurricanes all over the place!”

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