Month: January 2016

Club Esperanza….2016 High School Scholarship Kids

Every year for the past ten years we have selected a group of teenagers from alumni of Colegio Esperanza and offered them the opportunity to be a part of a program that will help them through their High School years.  It is a great… Continue Reading “Club Esperanza….2016 High School Scholarship Kids”

Miss Margarita (Ruby’s Sister) is heading home…

Something about the alternate title to the J.R.R. Tolkien classic the Hobbit, “‘There and Back again; A Hobbit’s Tale’ by Bilbo Baggins” always had a special ring to it for me.  An epic journey summed up in the simplest of terms…there and back again.… Continue Reading “Miss Margarita (Ruby’s Sister) is heading home…”

Happy New Year 2016!!!

We hope your year has begun well!  We have had a great visit in Miami with our family and friends…we love being home!  We want to share our Prayer Card/Christmas Card here in a digital version and ask for your prayers for our family… Continue Reading “Happy New Year 2016!!!”

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