Daisy Passed Away…

Daisy’s battle with cancer came to an end yesterday afternoon.  After two days in the ICU her major organs became unstable because of the liquid in her lungs and around her heart.  Her family came over from the coast to visit her and to be with Margarita.  Daisy lived with Miss Ruby and Margarita for so many years and was a steady help to them every day.  It is going to be very difficult for Margarita to have lost her daughter.  Daisy is with Jesus now for certain.  She is going to be missed very much.

After we brought her home, the neighborhood had  a church service in the street to celebrate her life, and worship God while mourning.  Then afterward her family loaded her casket and too her back to Pearl Lagoon (8 hours away on the East Coast) to bury her next to her father.  Alvin, Margarita’s brother,  along with two of her granddaughters stayed with her here in Managua to care for her.  Please be in prayer for Margarita, this is going to be a difficult time for her.

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