Havilah Birthday Party for Pamela…

Pamela turned 10 last week and we had a fun fiesta on Sunday at Casa Havilah.  Vanessa & Katherine organized games for all of us to play….ok, it was for the kids to play, but I scammed my way in….but I still lost!  We played musical chairs but with a twist…if you popped the balloon on the chair you are automatically out, then we tied balloons to one foot and had to stomp everyone else’s balloon….that was insane….insanely fun!

    Pamela and her little sister Ashley are easily  two of the cutest lil’ girls ever!  We are blessed to have them as a part of our extended family….and we continuously pray for their little lives; that God would place back in order everything that has come undone and heal them where they hurt!

Mileyding and Isabella were playing with Mason’s hat for like 15 minutes, it was so cute.  Bella kept putting it on so she could see through the hole and then she would freeze and just leave it there looking out at people…..she discovered a new world apparently! 🙂

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