Political Correctness: The Anti Jesus

In western culture today there are certain things that penetrate our minds and take precedence at the forefront.  One is Political Correctness.  I think it started in the 90s, but probably before…the 90s is when I remember it, but that is when I think my brain started working.

So this philosophy of not saying anything that offends someone or hurts their feeling.  The PC philosophy is held up in today’s society as the first filter, the golden calf, the place to begin your thoughts and let everything else develop from there.  It is Anti Jesus.

If you can find a place in Scripture where Jesus’s first concern was not hurting someone’s feelings or offending them, then prove me wrong.  Jesus first concern was the Kingdom of God, the purposes of God was the first filter, the golden calf, the place where all thoughts develped from.

So living in today’s world and entering dialogue on a wide ranging number of issues with a wide ranging selection of people, I have constantly had this nagging conflict in my mind.  Especially with Christians (which I am, and which is what I am first), it seems many allow political correctness to drive their thoughts, because it seems so Jesus.  It is not.  It is anti Jesus.

Jesus called out everyone.  I am not saying he wasn’t sensitive and didn’t do it in a way that the person he was calling out felt loved (yes sometimes tough love…but loved).  That is the lie we are told today.  We are told that the only way to be sensitive and show love is being Politically Correct.

For instances:

Jesus had harsh words about sexual sin and adultery…you know cutting your eye out if it makes you sin.  But when a prostitute poored oil on his feet and washed them with her hair, he didn’t object.  In fact he had to quit some critics who didn’t like it.  There was a greater purpose.  But it wasn’t “not to hurt her feelings” because she was a prostitute.

Jesus spoke harshly against pharisees for hypocrisy and tax collectors for mistreating people.  But when he was invited to a tax collectors home for dinner, he went without reserve.  He got heat for it.  But there was a greater purpose, it wasn’t to make the tax collector feel good about himself.

Even more when a pharisee invited him for dinner in Luke he went without reservation, of course when he got their he had some harsh insensitive words about pharisees and what they need to change.  He wasn’t primarily motivated with not offending his guests.

If we allow political correctness to be our first filter, our philosophy of priority, we will miss the things God may be wanting us to do because we are distracted by another motivation.  Our first motivation should be the kingdom of God and His purposes…let all the rest flow from there.

I am sensitive and loving (ok don’t ask too many people about that, come on I am human)

I am Anti Political Correctness.

I am all about Jesus.

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  1. The Stone of Stumbling and the Rock of Offense, the Kingdom of God can only come against the kingdom of man (ego) in one way: terrible, like an army with banners.

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