Baby Update….t minus 20 day and counting :)

Thank you all for praying for baby bop!  We had an appointment on Friday and everything was great.  Baby made the turn down and now has his/her head where it is supposed to be.  Please keep praying for Krista and baby!  We are getting excited…I am pretty sure soon there will be some nesting going on or something right?!?! 🙂

March 22nd is the due date.  Aliyah and Mason were a week early.  Isabella a week late.  We are hoping and praying for early!!!!!

Another Funny Isabella story:  Tonight she was naked and dancing in the bathroom before she got in the tub….”I did it, I did it, nah nah nah, all by myself, I did it”….Krista was pretty sure there was gonna be pee pee on the floor.  But nope, she had climbed up on the toilet and did her business and was having a little victory dance 🙂  She is so crazy!

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