Casa Robles…report cards…

So the first report cards of the year came out this week right before Semana Santa, which is the week long spring vacation for Easter Week.  Angelica and Yuri weren’t sure how the kids were going to do because the beginning of the school year was a little bit rough.

Well Dang!  Freder made the honor roll and got eight 100% grades, Andrew made the honor roll too, Denis got 100% in conduct which was probably the biggest surprise (if you know Denis he is nuts), Heyler did very well as always as did Marcos and Angel…..but the best part is NOBODY had any grades in the red…..Awesome!

We are all really proud of the boys….and it should always be said, that Angelica and Yuri do an miraculous job with these lil’ guys!  We celebrated by going to lunch and then Mema (Chris’s mom) took everyone to see The Lorax….gotta celebrate 🙂

Prayer Request:  Please pray for the boys this week while they visit their families.  It can be a tough setting and we need to prayer for protection while they are home and for good times being with their families.

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