The Open Hearts Gang…

I know it has been some time and some of you may not have met everyone down here, but here is an update photo of all the Buzbees, Farringtons & Murrays.  Even if you know everyone, kids are growing, people are getting married, babies are being born, change is always happening…pretty sure things will grow again even within the year…but these are fun photos.  Thank you for all of your prayers for our families down here!!!

One Comment on “The Open Hearts Gang…

  1. Great picture of a great family!!!!! Hope all is going well ! Working on making it down to Nicaragua in August and hope to see you all then.. Our family is fine and having a busy summer. We are blessed beyond belief and thank God for our family and friends. Take care till our paths cross again. Your West Virginia friends and family in Christ,
    The Dean and Judy Wright Family.

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