Visit from Miami…

Last month we had Pastor Bill & Lisa White and Greg & Kay Gackle down from Christ Journey Church in Miami.  This was a great time for us and a huge blessing to have them here.  Christ Journey (formerly University Baptist Church) is the church Chris grew up in and has been supportive of us in Ministry ever since we started together.  To spend a week together and dream and pray for the future was awesome.


It was a real honor to have Pastor Bill and Lisa down with that Gackles.  We visited the new site for “Club Esperanza” and after a time of sharing raised our hands and Bill prayed over and blessed the new land.  It is a clean slate out there…we are anxious and excited to see what sort of mark God makes with Club Esperanza!

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We also took an excursion to Ruby Ranch.  Brinson has been doing great work out there and after a hike past the tree swing and climbing wall we made it to the top of the hill (its a big hill!)  Then Brinson took us for a walk down a small valley and up to an open hill top where Ruby Ranch’s chapel was just completed.  It was an awesome moment.  Brinson asked Bill to preach the first sermon…it was a small audience…but the presence of the Lord was up there on that high place as Bill shared.  It was an emotional time.  The future of Ruby Ranch and the lives that are going to be changed by a touch from the Lord at that chapel is a very exciting future to ponder.

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We had a great visit….It’s great to be with friends.  We even broke out the tomahawks and started a throwing exposition in the Mango Grove…ok maybe it was like a bunch of unskilled city boys throwing axes, but we eventually got a hang of it!  In that pic you can see one broken over the top of the other…that really happened.  I stuck the black one and then Greg threw and split right over the top…like Robin Hood, but with an ax!  The other picture is Aliyah & Caden doing aerial acrobatics at the pool 🙂

IMG_5004 IMG_4978

We look forward to the future we have in partnership with Christ Journey…It is very exciting to be a part of the things that God is doing!

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