Club Esperanza: High School Scholarship Kids…

At Club Esperanza we have a program specifically designed to help High School Students succeed in their school year.  La Barca is our High School student scholarship program. 

Today we had a very special outing.  Fundacion Dejame Intentarlo (blog) is a Non Profit from Spain that is run by Padre Marcelino.  Today they took all of the students from La Barca and purchased their school uniforms and shoes for them.  It was a great blessing for each child!!!  Thank you to our faithful friends at Dejame Intentarlo.

Would you like to sponsor a High School Student in La Barca?  Our goal is to raise $21 a month for each student that is part of the program.  We have 30 students enrolled this year.  If you would like to help, CLICK HERE for donation information.  Thank You!

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We definitely hit the Eskimo Ice Cream at Centro Comercial after very exhausting day of shopping!!!! 🙂

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