Walakitang: The Crazy Sickness…please Pray!

We received a call today from Damaris, Pastor Victor’s wife.  She said that the “crazy sickness” was affecting their community.  She asked for us to pray for them.

Will you please join us in praying for them?  Very simply, but powerfully…let us ask that the power of the blood of Jesus that drives out all fear and wins every spiritual battle will cover those who are affected.  That they could look straight into the face of the evil and say “I am covered in the blood of Christ, Satan you have no place here, I am not afraid.”

Lord we ask you to dwell in Walakitang now and give victory to those who cry out in your name!  Amen.

The Crazy Sickness is a spiritual possession that affects the Miskito regions of Nicaragua & Honduras.  It is not totally uncommon.  Many people call in witch doctors to “cure” the sickness.  Many others feel it is a witchcraft that those same witch doctors send on a community so they will pay them to come and “fix it”.

This is real, we had a very direct encounter with it almost five years ago.  We were on a trip to deliver Crocs that a friend named Phil Goodman had gotten donated in Seattle.  There were over 70 affected when we arrived. Our friend Greg Gackle made a video we presented at our church in Miami…he was on the trip documenting the Crocs donation.  It is still up here on Youtube.  A lot has changed since then, but the video is definitely informative.

Damaris said this time it has been going on for two weeks and there are 35 people affected.  They are tearing up houses and have gotten the entire community basically at a stand still.  Most are trying to catch their loved ones so they don’t run into the river with the “sickness”, they will drown.

Please Pray.  I feel like the Lord wants to give victory to those who cry out to His name.  We told Damaris we would let whoever we know about this and ask them to pray.

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  1. Thank you for the update on Victor, Damaris and the rest of our friends in Walakitang! I keep these people in my prayers; the Lord is watching over them and He desires an intimate, correct relationship with them. I pray that the truth is revealed and remembered, that they ARE covered in the blood of Christ, that they ARE valued and that life, protection and joy is already theirs. I pray against the evil lies that try to distort this truth! This evil is scary, because life without truth is really death, not life, and this evil is an enemy to the truth. May His Holy Spirit guide our friends to not be decieved by the lies of the enemies, no matter how wicked or theatical the display and may He open their eyes to the Truth that they are already his and have nothing to fear. I long to return to the Rio Coco and God willing, He will send me to them again some day.

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