Slip Slidin’ Away….

A couple weeks ago we went to Ruby Ranch with Casa Havilah & Casa Robles.  Valor Christian School from Colorado (Check out their Missions Website) had built a HUGE Slip-N-Slide down the hill at the Double R and this was their day to test it out with all the kids from the rescue homes….It was so awesome!  All in all, it was a great day, but the Slide down the hill was the hit!

IMG_6781 IMG_6787 IMG_6777

               IMG_6790 IMG_6796 IMG_6794 IMG_6791 IMG_6788 IMG_6787 IMG_6785 IMG_6780 IMG_6771 IMG_6767 IMG_6760 IMG_6762 IMG_6744 IMG_6736 IMG_6758 IMG_6743 IMG_6713 IMG_6720 IMG_6722

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