Happy Happy Birthdays….

We had so much birthday fun in the month of March we nearly started a petition on whitehouse.org to rename the month of March “Birthday”.  But we resisted the temptation and will just allow the month to keep its name 🙂  But we will share here on our bloggy blog some of the fun photos from the last month….a.k.a. Birthday.

IMG_1100     Easily the most touching and special birthday party of the month was with Jaquelin from Casa Havilah.  She turned fifteen so we had a semi formal celebration for her “Quinceañera” with all of our family, all of Casa Robles and Jackie’s family.  The best moment by far was when she came out with her procession and then all of them gathered for a special dance.  I will post the video on our facebook because we can’t put videos on the blog…but it was so so sweet watching Jackie dance with Papa Mike and all the little Robles and Havilah children dancing around them.  Now that Jackie is a young woman we would ask for your continuous prayers for her.  We want to see her grow into a prosperous and virtuous young woman…amen!

IMG_1078 IMG_1099

IMG_1094 IMG_1113

    Later in the week we celebrated Andrews from Casa Robles.  We had everybody over to Casa Robles and had a big bang up party with a Batman Piñata, music, dinner, cake, and a load of kids running around in circles screamin’ trying to wipe icing on each other…Lots Of Fun!!!

IMG_1156 IMG_1167

     Juliette turned three this month too.  Krista (with our super intern Madeline’s help) put together the funnest “Tangled” party ever, complete with a replica of Rapunzel’s tower and her hair running across the rancho.  We had a painting wall and even a “May Pole” which we finally figured out towards the end of the party.  Juliette was so cute the entire time!  As loud and crazy as our baby girl is, she is the sweetest little thing…its worth a million bucks when she comes up and smacks one on you out of the blue and says “I love you”.  Our little Juju bean is such a blessing!

IMG_1193 IMG_1204

IMG_1217 IMG_1244

     Then lastly but certainly not leastly Johanna and Jolando Buzbee turned 15 on April 1st!  We had a fun little gathering for them at their house complete with what is quite possibly the greatest cake ever!  Happy Birthday Girlz!!!

IMG_1368 IMG_1369

Thank you for your continued prayers for our families and for the ongoing ministry here in Nicaragua!  God Bless from Nicaragua!

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