Fall Weekend Fun: Scout Troops and McDonalds…

IMG_5866     This weekend we have already had some really fun Ministry going on!  Brinson made a contact with a Local Nicaraguan Scout Troop a few weeks ago and took the leader out to Ruby Ranch to show him the grounds and see about the possibilities of taking his Scout Troop on a camping trip outside of Managua.  When he got there he saw the possibilities right away and they set up a date for this weekend!
IMG_5863   A really cool twist to things happened when we realized the Troops home base was in the same neighborhood as Casa Robles.  So, Papa Yuri gave the leader a call and was invited to drop in on their next meeting to see about our boys joining the troop.  The leader gave them the invite and so the boys from Robles got to join the camping trip this weekend at Ruby Ranch!  It is so cool…you see in this picture where a seasoned Scout is teaching Fredder how to set up a tent.

Hopefully this will begin a partnership with the Nicaragua Boy Scouts and Ruby Ranch that allows for young people to gain some important life skills on these types of weekends.  We would appreciate your prayers for this campout.  They will be there from Friday until Sunday.  It is really so exciting because these types of campouts are not as common in Nicaragua as they are in the United States.  It is impressive and a blessing that the troop has some camping gear, which is certainly not readily available here.  We are praying for limited rain at the camp site and a great weekend for all involved!

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IMG_2686     The reason I mentioned McDonalds in the title is because we got had some fun on Friday…the official start of any weekend ;).  Sheyla had promised a surprise to our oldest Kindergarden class at Club Esperanza because of their good behavior with their teacher Henriette.  So, we took them on a outing to the Golden Arches.  Sure, we know the food may not be the most healthy, but to be inside with A/C in a giant playground was a priceless moment for these cute little kiddos!  They were all smiles the entire time.  I am pretty certain, that the “Happy Meal” is one of the best inventions ever…food, a fun box, and a toy!  We really had a great time…thank you Jesus for fun times!

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