Family Update…a new year

We are back in Nicaragua from our wonderful trip home to Miami for the Christmas holidays, we got home early in January.  We had such a great time with Chris’s family and so many of our dear friends in South Florida.  The only thing lacking was cold weather, but that is ok because it made it easier to come home to the heat 🙂  We are so blessed by the support we feel when we are home, and our church family at Christ Journey Church is such a blessing to us!  We had so much fun and are home ready to rock as things crank up down here for 2016.

We do know we don’t get to see everyone we want to when we are home, so we wanted to give a little update on how our kids are doing and growing up.  Aliyah is 10 years old now and growing up tall.  She loves gymnastics class with her aunts, her mind is very creative and she has really gotten into reading Nancy Drew books.  She is a great helper whenever Mommy and Daddy need it.  Mason is 8 now and even though he is all rails like his daddy, he goes goes goes and loves football, soccer, riding his bike, flipping over the couch, jumping off the tree house, and basically anything he can tackle.  Being home with his cousins was so much fun!  His true love is Legos though, he will sit silent for hours creating scenes with his Lego sets.  It is great!  When I think about the two of them I love seeing how the Lord is growing them, hearing their prayers is sweet and seeing the way the good things of God have already influenced their lives is beautiful.  They are kind and loving and want to do what is right.  The two of them are a funny combo when they get going…we are very thankful for the way they are growing up well!

Isabella is 6 years old now.  She is our funny one in the family for sure.  Her jokes are good, but the best is when she gets going and just starts laughing…or even better when you can see her sitting there silently coming up with funny things in her mind and then laughing to herself.  Most remarkably she can read like a 9 year old.  It is pretty crazy, reading is for sure a gift to her.  She is only six, but she has prayed every night for Pastor Saeed and Pastor Yousef who were in jail in Iran because they were Christians…this year we got to see them both released from prison.  She prays for lots of different things and for all of our family and friends every night.  It is sometimes surprising sitting there next to her and listening to her prayers.  Juliette is full of life and keeps all of us on our toes all day long.  She is in preschool at Kinder Montessori all by herself now and is doing great.  It is so funny because she is so loud and so emotional even for a three year old that sometimes we think we are losing our minds…she is gonna take over the world one day.  For a little person so full of life, we sometimes forget how sensitive she is too.  The best is when she comes in for a hug and a kiss then makes the heart shape with her hands and takes her heart and gives it to mommy or daddy…the sweetest moments.

Thank you for the love and support we always feel as we live our lives serving the Lord in Nicaragua!  Krista and I are doing very well too, we just celebrated 13 years of marriage in January.  We are praying that 2016 is a great year and we can see more of God’s Kingdom work in our lives personally and in the things we are doing here in Nicaragua.  It is so much fun and fulfilling for us to be doing this together.

Cheers to the new year and we ask that God would bless your year as well!  


Los Farringtons

If you would like to support our family financially we are very grateful.  We live by faith and because of your generosity we are able to serve the Lord in Nicaragua, so thank you again for that!  Here is a link to our donation information.

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